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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Bacalhau à Brás

Hey, hey….
Yes, I’m still among the living and yes, I made my way back to this very blog of mine. You have every right to accuse me of neglect and non-performance. But I have been performing on sites other than this blog. First of all, I have concluded that I needed a break from all these farewells and arrivals in my life. Yes, it is exciting and thrilling but only so up to a point when it starts getting exhausting. Both, our little SOAS-dream and London were sensational but also fatiguing. After having been blessed with my highly legalistically biased alliance in New York (you don’t have to understand this, but the persons concerned will) I was in luck yet another time as I have met one more family in big L-Town. As a result, this is in solidarity with my dearest B$ who seems to be caught in the merciless forces of the legalistic world of corporatism (Stand up for the lawyers! -10 self-cooked dinners are still on my treat). But this is also in solidarity with my lovely Mo, still on the hunt for a reasonably priced roof on top of her head in what seems to be the jungle of London. The latter was also what I needed a break of. I found it in a tiny little village in the Portuguese Algarve…
Incapable of putting its beauty and warmth into words, I just terminate by presenting to you some of my shots from what seems to be one of the most romantic places – and it goes without saying that this is in dedication to my fellows from “OdA” and sensual Lisboa.

Stay strong!


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