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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

CGN Jazz Café

Well yes, usually I take in my required dose of good music in London’s Jazz Café. But this time we were given the seldom opportunity to indulge in some noble jazzy sounds played by no other than the next rising star at the piano LG (you may have come to hear of his extremely popular sect he created in India) and his peers in the highly intimate atmosphere of one of Cologne’s cozy bars.

Some of us just couldn’t refrain from tying in with the melodic flow by tapping into our own creativity. This is where I would like to invite TM to share with us the highly artistic lyrics of his latest version of “Frère Jacques”. I do not accept shyness (sonst würg' ich den Hals beim nächsten Mal richtig ;) !
PS. As a loyal reader of my blog you may have realized that I'm back after having been lost in time and space for the last couple of months. There is much to catch up with ...stay tuned!


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