Just another day...

Friday, December 28, 2007

London 'tis

Who would have thought...!?
Who would have thought that after such exuberant gathering of knowledge into the workings of the global political economy Oz has not opted to save your world this time. Instead, I have decided that saving my own is an equally legitimate cause - a cause that brought me into the world of corporatism. Indeed, I'm going corporate ...but it shall be for the greater good -just bear with me. I’m both excited and anxious about yet another step into something that sounds highly fascinating and promises massive returns in terms of new experiences and perspectives. Significantly, the new job is taking me back to where the strepitous engine of scrutiny was ignited in the first place: the regal city of London will be your correspondent’s residence for the next future. And I’m delighted to continue my correspondence with you from this vibrant, ebullient world city and rejoin my beloved SOAS circle.

Keep it up!