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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Craigslist vs. Gumtree

What Craigslist is for New York, Gumtree is for London. Having gone through a speedy Craigslist crash course in recent years, Gumtree appeared to be easy play. Admittedly, my enjoyable success at Craigslist was turned into something of a more decent operation on Gumtree. And it happens to be just as victorious. Turns out to be a great catch and I end up in one of London's greatest boroughs in a gigantic (well, for London standards that is) Victorian terrace house with tennis courts literally only two blocks away. Seems as if I finally get to catch up with tennis after never having shown up at my scheduled tennis lesson at the tender age of 11. Lovely Notting Hill is a mere 15-minute walk away and one of my roommates is an artist-in-residence – what else can you ask for?!

Initial impressions made me sense a breeze of New York’s beloved Upper West Side mixed with the charm of the E Village. But I’m sure Queens Park is very likely to reveal to me its very own style and story.

So, what remains to be said is to call upon those who haven’t made it to London yet (or who I wasn’t able to host earlier due to strenuous master times) to jump over and join me for a cup of afternoon English blend tea or a glass of fine scotch whiskey. I'm up for both!