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Thursday, August 31, 2006

UN deadline falls due

What will the sanctions look like if two of the veto-holding Council members have a crucial stake in Iran?

Another meeting here in Europe early next week may come up with the answer.

Iran defiant on nuclear deadline


Monday, August 28, 2006

Follow-up on Amel's concert

Can you see B$ and me on the very right-hand corner?! Or hear me singing along with the crowd to Amel's hit single "Tell me" when she was still part of Groove Theory?!
Gosh, whatta effervescent concert it was...


Amel Larrieux Show

Amel jammin'

The Party Resolution

After DD from the European Commission approved the publication of his extremely artful invitation to the last party to be thrown at his awesome loft in Brooklyn (Remember the notorious night we had there before? See blog entry on 23 June) before he took off to Taiwan to teach English in a military camp, I proudly present to you the Party Resolution.

You can tell we were all obsessed with the work we have done when saving your world at UN Headquarters!!

Here's the Party Resoultion "World Peace at last":

World Peace in the making!!!

- Extraordinary Session of the Party Council -

The time has finally come!! You've got your picture with the boss, a letter that recommends you as being the most amazing person in the world, made an ultimate stop for home cooking at the cafeteria, and it's time to say goodbye…

Well, goodbye to the UN maybe, but hopefully you still have a little energy left to shake your diplomatic behind on the dance floor!!!

If that is indeed the case, I'm calling all of you to adopt the following resolution…

The party people of the world, assembled here in New York for an extraordinary session of the Party Council,

Recalling all relevant Party Council resolutions, in particular those in the dancing, drinking and social fields, adopted during this summer

in New York,

Recognizing that the internationally agreed party goals, including the

Millennium Debauchery Goals, have yet to be fully implemented,

Reaffirming that partying is a central goal by itself and that

sustainable partying in its funky, groovy, snazzy, fantastical aspects

constitutes a key element of World Peace,

Calls on all UN interns, friends and other peaceful party spirits in New York,

to join us this Saturday, for a night that you will probably be too drunk to remember…

Where? … loft, … av (between … and …),

*** stop on the ** line (follow the pink chicken legs on the floor).

Inside, and outside on an amazing rooftop with an incredible view…

When? This Saturday, from Sunset till the birds sing in the morning…

Please bring something to drink and feel free to share to bring your friends…

Saturday, August 26, 2006

"Es gibt keine Partitur für den Nahen Osten"

Last night’s concert, which presented Beethoven’s symphony no. 9 played by the West-Eastern Divan orchestra in the Cologne Philharmonie, has in some way marked a historic moment.

Not only was it a breathtaking performance both by this young orchestra comprising Israeli and Arab musicians and the choir of the Berlin Staatsoper but it has also made a much needed and crucial statement while tensions have once again stirred up the situation in the Middle East.

The West-Eastern Divan was founded by Edward Said (a highly admired mind whose death on 25 September 2003 in New York was a shock and a tragic loss for all of us) and Daniel Barenboim, the conductor of last night’s concert. Please see Barenboim’s latest interview he has given yesterday in Cologne.


PS. Among all the Italian, Spanish, Israeli and Arab musicians I have found the one and only Turkish violine. He was an Istanbul-Chicago connection...awesome!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

El poeta dice la verdad


Quiero llorar mi pena y te lo digo
para que tú me quieras y me llores
en un anochecer de ruiseñores,
con un puñal, con besos y contigo.

Quiero matar al único testigo
para el asesinato de mis flores
y convertir mi llanto y mis sudores
en eterno montón de duro trigo.

Que no se acabe nunca la madeja
del te quiero me quieres, siempre ardida
con decrépito sol y luna vieja.

Que lo que me des y no te pida
será para la muerte, que no deja
ni sombra por la carne estremecida.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

A lovely Sunday

How much better can an easy Sunday start? (Well, I know how much better, but that I am going to keep to myself… :)
For now a morning concert in the Cologne Philharmonie, where I have spent most if not all of my years as a student, shall suffice.
Beethoven’s 4th piano concert and Adams' “Harmonielehre” were a condign starting shot for the 2006/07 season.
If you get a chance, please check out the very different interpretations of Adams, who is an important representative of Minimal Music. His “Harmonielehre” is taking the theme of Wagner’s Parsifal (in particular, Amfortas’ wound) – an intense audio experience, if I may say!

I deplore already the fact that the next concerts will be my last ones as I will quit the best student job ever on earth! I am not even going to start telling you how much this venue and all its performers have actually taught me about music – enjoying an enriching and enlightening overindulgence, I feel very much spoiled.

I don’t even want to think about all the great concerts and conductors of this season that I am going to miss…but it is time to say goodbye (tragic!)! I have heard, though, that there will be a big, big party exactly on my last day…I will make sure that this party will be remembered as the resurrection of “Tequila Özlem”. (Those informed, know what I am talking about ;-))


PS. Marco, this is for you, ragazzo: I had to recall the beautiful concert of the NY Philharmonics ("Russia at the Hudson") and the unique backstage tour you gave me...A million thanks!!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

"To Israel with hate - and guilt"

The European perspective: "Why Europe, unlike America, finds it so hard to love Israel"

Thursday, August 17, 2006

News from the UN Headquarters


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The words of Bazarov

Dear all,

I just cannot hide this bodacious observance put down by our poetic and articulate Bazarov in just a comment-corner. That would do unjustice to this masterpiece of the study of human kind.
I feel highly honored to be the subject of his research.
I have to admit, though, that Bazarov submitted a collage of photographs as to picture the different phases of my moods he has seen me in. Making use of my dictatorship-like rule over this blog I have censored the photograph part. But at least, I am democratic enough to let you know... :)

Enjoy... Oz

PS. Bazarov's starting point is a picture already known to you.

"The aspiration of the poet is to see the entire universe in a grain of sand. Similarly, the aspiration of Ozlem's many admirers is to understand her peculiar (but mostly lovable) moods at any instance in time through a quick examination of her hair. Even in the best of times, Ozlem's hair is often a study of youthful exuberance amidst a certain kind of controlled chaos – her hairs ebbs and flows in all directs often as once, creating an impression of disorder, and yet, as with Pollock, Kandinsky and Seurat, the image is ultimately an artful one. Her hair radiates out, like the sun, curling around ever so effortlessly over the course of its length, only succumbing to gravity towards the end of its extension. What one is left with is a flexible sort of bounce, that seems almost happy and spirited (even playful) by nature, made all the more happy, spirited and playful by Ozlem’s naturally kinetic energy, which transcends the materiality of her hair into something symbolic.

And so, with this knowledge as our base, we suddenly see small subtleties in the way Ozlem’s hair moves as she changes her moods. Angry or agitated Ozlem usually sports a more fiery, tightly wound set of curls, which move more abruptly and stiffly (in a herky-jerky styled motion), in harmony with her more abrupt and staccato head movements while angered. With happy Ozlem, one is greeted with a bouncier, more vibrant hairflow, (i.e. as though her hair were on springs) with her hair playfully wisping around her head as she tilts her head back and forth and laughs with the fullness of her body. Tired Ozlem – well – one can almost see her curls relax as she aggressively yawns in one’s face (if one has never seen this, one can instantly inspire such yawn by recounting to her something about the heritage (food, history or otherwise) of China) and her hair unwittingly begins to slouch. And of course, who can forget pensive Ozlem, whose eyebrows begin to furrow to and fro uncontrollably and, with her entire energy concentrated on her eyebrow movement, her hair, at a loss for what to do, manages to remain absolutely still.

With this in mind, we turn now to her picture – Ozlem looking pensively off to the side (either that or she’s posing), with her favorite café/brasserie as a backdrop, her wisps of hair contemplating the meaning of life as they gracefully fall away from her face --- but, hmmmmm … is that the hint of a mischievous smile I see on the right-hand corner of her face? Indeed, her thoughts must be veering towards the more rambunctious – perhaps the prospect of a pillow fight on a nice beige micro suede sectional as she watches art films from France, or perhaps, she is spying an attractive young diplomat from Qatar sporting an impressively tight black t-shirt while riding an icy green Vespa just across the street – in fact, I think that must be it as I see wisps of hair standing almost erect at the top of her head, excited by the prospects of riding that Vespa down the street to Avenue B where she can get her weekly fix of Turkish appetizers and sweet melon shisha.

How exciting! To Maia it is! (Just watch out for the Asian belly dancers - I think they make her hair curl)."

Monday, August 14, 2006


I still have to share with you the morning of my very last working day at the IOM when still being in NYC.

Those of you who have been following my blog know that I have been blessed by concerts given by Prince (terrific but a big, big diva), Mary J. Blige (very generous and forthcoming) and, and, and...(does anyone care for the Beach Boys??) only by walking by Bryant Park.

Anyway, on Friday 2 weeks ago I captured one of the great minds of the Neptunes (or Nerds), Pharell Williams featuring his fellow Kanye West. Can you imagine catching some awesome Hip Hop beats at 8 a.m. (yes, A.M.)?!

Never but this one day did I take my camera with me, which enables me now to share some shots:


Saturday, August 12, 2006

Turkish Policy Quarterly

The latest edition of Turkish Policy Quarterly has been dedicated to the general theme of youth (FYI, August 12th is International Youth Day). Please check out this quality magazine, in which I have published myself in its Fall 2005 issue - a work on Turkey's prospects of EU membership!


"Die Entwaffnung der Hisbollah ist Selbstmord"

I admire this man, the former PR (Permanent Representative of Germany to the United Nations), and it was most certainly an exceptional honor to work for his mission in 2004.

Please see the following interview with Günter Pleuger on his view on the current situation in the Middle East and the role of the UN Security Council Interview in Sueddeutsche

(Sorry, only for the German-speaking audience!)


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Make up for a missed dinner

Hey Sexy,

I know you are mad at me! But don't you think this is a cute picture...??
I do, agabey!

For those to whom Sexy is unknown: Sexy is my fellow bro from NY!
His grandiose performance on the pitch has rendered him fame and glory. He is known for his sudatory dedication to European-style soccer which makes him score one goal after the other.

I have only heard of him running in his tight, tight leggings which adumbrate his athletic stature. Maybe I will be blessed enough to see this moment one time in person!

Let us all pray for this moment to come soon!


Monday, August 07, 2006

When it comes to food I can get very serious.

First it was all good. But when Rabeh tried to come closer in order to steal my peach (very bad intention), he got the tongue and a mad-cow look!! So, habibi, keep your fingers off my food and then we can talk again :))

BTW, how's Russia? My Russian, unfortunately, is very poor, not to say non-existent. But I am sure the descendants of Pushkin, Gogol, Tolstoi, Dostojevsky and Maxim Gorky (to name only those who come into my mind right now) are making sure you have a great and unforgettable time...

FYI, supposedley, no one says "'Na zdorovje' as a Russian drinking cheer."
I have heard that they "only sayy it as a reply to 'Spasibo' i.e. 'Thank you'.
Furthermore, there seems no universal drinking cheer in Russian", however paradoxical that might appear...any experts on this, please feel free to share your knowledge here!

"Budem zdorovy" (you will need this phrase quite often, I suppose) .....Özlem

Sunday, August 06, 2006

My favorite spot

almost every weekend at around noon -sometimes a little later, depending if I had to stop at CP to take my 3 hour rest from the week- you would have found me in front of Balthazar's on Spring street. Sitting down on their benches in front of the bakery, I was having my very special time. Some might call it going for coffee, for me it was a ritual which completed my splendid stroll through SoHo.

And it was one of these sweet days that I discovered photographer LH, taking polaroids which she then processed in a certain way
-pls take a look at one example right here.

Of course I had to get one of these pieces of art which fortunately captured the red marquee of Balthazar's in the background. See how even little things make me happy...

Check out LH's website under Lotte Hansen


Friday, August 04, 2006

"To Israel with love"

The Economist

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

No comment...just love them!